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Intensive CST Programme

May 27-31, 2010, The Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, Co Clare

Dr Chas Perry, teacher of SER11, Advanced 1/11 and clinical applications for the Upledger Institute, and Kat Cramblet will be coming to facilitate their third Intensive Programme in craniosacral therapy in Ireland.

Client Focused Therapeutic Environment

Based on the programs held at the Upledger Institute USA this is an opportunity for your clients to immerse themselves in a client focused therapeutic environment to work at the deepest level with a pool of highly skilled therapists from the world over. There are some 6-10 clients with 2-3 therapists working on them at a time. As their therapist it is an opportunity to participate in an experience that will enrich you beyond words. The integrity of the program is based on the integrity of all participants in our ability to work together with focus on the clients’ goals and needs.

Programme Schedule

Cost of the programme is €2,200.00 for 5 days. A day rate of €500.00 is available with a discount for therapists at €450.00. The schedule is 9.00 to 15.30 with an hour for lunch. We start with a therapy meeting for clients and therapists each the morning. Water work and possibly equine facilitated therapy will be extra options for the clients. Now is the time to line up clients and have them fund raise if necessary.

There are limited places so please do contact Deirdre Kennedy at 087 293210 or email at as soon a possible