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At Upledger Institute, we specialize in offering courses and training in Craniosacral Therapy, a gentle yet powerful approach to promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Our commitment to excellence in education is matched by our dedication to providing unwavering support to our students and practitioners.

Explore the valuable resources and assistance available on this page to help you on your journey toward greater healing and personal growth.

We're here to support your path to success and empowerment in the realm of Craniosacral Therapies.


If you are unemployed at the moment you may still be able to start your training in CranioSacral Therapy. FAS and the Department of Social and Family affairs have issued grants to people in a ‘Back to Work’ scheme. You may be eligible.

Contact your local office for further details or you can contact us.


Assistance In Your Practice​

The Institute’s staff practitioners are available through the telephone or mail where advice is needed with individual cases or particular topics. Also evaluation, treatment and advice about individual clients/patients may be sought by referral to either a more experience former student in your area or by arranging visits to a practitioner at the Institute.

Preceptor Scheme​

This is available for students who have successfully completed the SomatoEmotional Release I workshop.  Precepting involves spending time with one of the Institute’s practitioners and where appropriate, assisting with evaluation and treatment.  Further details are available through our office or your workshop facilitator.

Listing And Referrals​

In co-operation with the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners an annually updated, worldwide directory of students, their attained level, and their specialty is available at a nominal charge. Upon the completion of a workshop, each student’s details are entered or updated on the Institute’s worldwide database at Palm Beach. Additionally, a list of participants is updated regularly and issued to those on it, to further assist networking and referral. ​

Network And Study Groups​

Once you have completed a workshop you will receive a class roster which will help you to form or take part in an existing local network for information exchange or to further develop your skills.  Local Upledger study groups form part of this network.

International Support​

Our students have the backing of all the people, experience and expertise available though our various offices: The Upledger Institute Inc in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, The Upledger Institute Europe in Doom, Netherlands and The Upledger Institute Ireland in Co. Kildare, Ireland. Each establishment works autonomously to further the work of Dr. John Upledger, and will gladly provide information about the others’ training programmes and facilities

Speakers And Co-Sponsored/In-House Workshops​

The Upledger Institute offers you the opportunity to bring workshops to your professional association, society, training school or department when special terms may be available if you assemble a group of students and provide suitable location and facilities. We also provide experienced CranioSacral Therapy practitioners who will speak to your staff or members, or feature in your conference.