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10th Anniversary of CST Presentation at Brookfield Nursing School, UCC

On Wednesday 25th October, a group of final year and postgraduate nursing students at Brookfield Nursing School, UCC attended a presentation on Craniosacral therapy as part of their module on complementary/integrative therapies. There were 23 students signed up for this optional module! Over 10 years approximately 250 nursing students, from general, disability, paediatric, mental health nursing and midwifery, have participated in gaining knowledge and skills on Craniosacral therapy. This module celebrates its 10th anniversary at Brookfield Nursing and Midwifery School, at University College Cork.
Thanks to Eileen Savage, Head, Anna O’Leary, Tutor and Facilitator of the Module both of Brookfield Nursing and Midwifery School.
On 12th June 2017, at the same location, they kindly supported the hosting of a presentation on Craniosacral therapy in the maternity hospital delivery room and neonatal unit by Carol McLellan CST-D, Instructor at the Upledger Institute Ireland (Ui).
Both presentations were received with enthusiastic warmth.
Thanks also to Anne Cronin BSc., CST-D, MIACST who facilitated both events and presented the CST/Module with the assistance of Deirdre McCarthy CST-T.