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Exciting News for CranioSacral Therapy & Nursing/Midwifery by Anne Cronin CST-T


by  Anne Cronin BSc., H.Dip. Ed. CST

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY has been part of the Module for Complementary Therapy offered to Final Year Nursing students at University College Cork since 2007. Twenty five 4th Year Nursing students from Midwifery, General, Mental Health and Disability/Special Needs have been choosing this module since the module was first introduced. The co-ordinator, Anna O’Leary and her team have carefully selected a variety of therapies that are integrated with orthodox medicine/nursing, facilitating an introductory class for nursing students close to their completion of initial training. Evaluation by students, teachers and the facilitator team allows for tailor-made content and an approach designed to needs of the students and Faculty. Specific goals linked to learning outcomes are set down by the faculty from the onset.

Planning is underway for this module to be made available to post-graduate nursing students in the near future subject to funding.

As a Science post-graduate of UCC, I am excited and honoured to be available to my alma mater to give something in return. Student nurses have shown passion and enthusiasm to learn something of the therapies such as craniosacral therapy and agree there are many applications in their fields. It is an opportunity for a worthwhile forum for exchange of ideas and practise (adult and paediatrics), in the current approach to health. Though the input is limited to two hours annually, the scope for introducing this adaptable and rapidly expanding body therapy, CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is expansive and rewarding. As a graduate of Upledger Institute, I am privileged to bring information on CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY training to students of nursing.