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Carol McLellan Returns to Instruct September Workshops

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to welcome Carol McLellan who will be returning to us again this September to instruct the following two workshops:-

Sensory Integration with Carol McLellan

This workshop ties in very well with the Paediatric curriculum.  It is a must for anyone working with children with sensory issues.

Sensory Integration is the critical brain function responsible for producing a composite picture and organizing sensory information for our ongoing use. When the brain is unable to correctly process information coming in through the senses, the problem may be Sensory Integration Dysfunction, also known as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

In this exciting new workshop, you’ll discover how to work with SPD from the CranioSacral Therapy (CST) perspective, to help children reach their health and performance goals more effectively

You will learn to identify Sensory Processing Disorders more effectively

  • Find out how to adapt a CST session to meet the specific needs of those with SPD
  • Discover tools that can help youngsters with SPD stay calm and relaxed during therapy

Article link: CST for Children with Sensory Dysfunction

CST Paediatrics Module II with Carol McLellan

This workshop expands upon the special issues that surround the applications of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release as they pertain to newborns, infants and children.

Workshop Highlights include:

  • Explore in more depth and detail the topics introduced in the first level CSP class
  • Learn how treating the entire family and its dynamics powerfully impacts the healing process and health of the child
  • Practice working with infants and children in a supervised environment
  • Understand and apply important knowledge of specific brain anatomy/physiology to fine-tune the CST treatments
  • Apply an understanding of the gestational process to facilitate cellular change within the infant/child who has experienced difficulty in their embryological, fetal development
  • Gain more insight into the etiology of some childhood ailments and disorders
  • Increase creative dialoguing and imagery skills in the application of SER to pediatrics by focusing on “cell talk”
  • Learn the application of five new treatment techniques for infants and children

Prerequisite: CSP1. If you have previously taken Paeds in the old curriculum you may attend this workshop