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CST & Listening to the Second Brain March 2018

CST & Listening to the Second Brain

9TH – 12TH MARCH 2018

COST: €830.00


Who has not suffered with problems in their gut at some time in their life?  How often has the cause or the solution to this issue been difficult to find?  How many people do you know, both family and friends as well as clients of all ages who have gut problems?  Have you noticed that the children in your practice often have gut issues alongside their neurological ones?
The class is delivered in a very right/left brain way as Dr. John Upledger was always a great advocate for.  So the Study Guide is full of information but also used as a journal to note or draw the student’s experiences during the trades.
It aims to take students on a fascinating journey into the layers and stories held in their own gut so they can understand and better facilitate those in the people that come to them.  They will learn basic anatomy of the gut, both structure and function, including its development in evolutionary and embryological terms, look at some of the exciting new research that has come out over the last few years, consider the new connections between the gut and mental and physical health, the multi generational effect and also cellular memory.
Techniques already used in Upledger CST will be briefly reviewed and applied to this area of the body.  Clinical applications will be discussed.
There will be a brand new wall chart available to act as an aide memoire for students and a great explanatory tool for the clinic for their clients.  I have developed this especially with this class in mind.  Also available will be especially designed Tummy Tracker notebooks to help us and the people that come to us keep a gut diary