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Sensory Integration for CranioSacral Therapy – 24th & 25th September 2013

Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D returns to instruct September 2013 workshops.

We are delighted that Carol will instruct our upcoming workshop

Sensory Integration for CranioSacral Therapy

this is a two day workshop being run on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September.

This course was designed to help you, the CranioSacral practitioner, gain greater insights into how the nervous system processes all the information which comes to it every moment of every day: the process of Sensory Integration. Through a basic understanding of this complex central nervous system (CNS) integration, we can come to realize that for all of us our ability to focus, maintain attention (sit still, listen, focus on one thing at a time) and perform any motor task (read, write, tie our shoes, follow directions) is dependent on how well this integration takes place. Furthermore, you’ll discover (uncover) that the AROUSAL STATES manifested by our sensory processing often govern our behaviors. This explains why we sometimes feel the need to “flee” certain situations, feel like “fighting” at other times, or feel deeply “frightened.”

If we can understand, and at least partially identify, the signs and symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) we can adapt ourselves, our environment and our CranioSacral treatment to the needs of each individual and MEET THEM IN THEIR WORLD, WHERE THEY ARE. We can learn new tools to help organize and calm the CNS and facilitate the ability of those with SPD to participate in CranioSacral Therapy. We can combine the principles of Sensory Integration with CranioSacral Therapy to help our clients function in life.

To book your place on this exciting workshop please click the following link: Sensory Integration for CranioSacral Therapy

Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D