SomatoEmotional Release and Beyond

This book is Dr. Upledger’s third in a series about his clinical observations and experiences with the craniosacral system. Recommended reading for all practitioners of CranioSacral Therapy, it provides a detailed description of the development and current uses of SomatoEmotional (SER), Energy Cyst Release and Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue.

Dr. Upledger presents the use of vector/axis alignment and integration in conjunction with SomatoEmotional Release, as well as specialized techniques for the mouth and throat. He provides step-by-step descriptions and sample problems, with detailed explanations of the methods used to solve them. In addition, he guides you through his own personal growth resulting from his work with SomatoEmotional Release.

Required reading for these courses:(SERI) (SERII) (CACP)

268 pages.