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The Meridians as Communicators, Saturday 29th September 2012, Bristol UK

The Meridians as Communicators

Explore the Heart of the Meridians

The Heart plays a key role in balancing the entire human system

Love is Co-operation rather than Competition

An exciting day to support your bodywork including CranioSacral Therapy and masage.

To be held on Saturday 29th September 2012
9.00am – 5.00pm

At Guide Headquarters, Long Ashton, Bristol

There will be a lot of practical work interspersed with relevant information and knowledge to use within your work and your well  being.  The practical work will be demonstrated and taught in simple units along with associated body energy work.  Understand your own Qi (energy, Meridian Strectches/meditation/energy expercise (Qi Gong).

SIMON FOWLER will show us some unwinding of meridians and a few acupressue points for First Aid use.  Simon is a tai Chi Teacher and Tuiana massage practitioner

This workshop will be conducted in a fun enjoyable learning environment.

CAROL WELLS CST-D. MCSS is a qualified CranioSacral Therapist and completed a three year course and qualified as a Shiatsu and Oriental medicine Practitioner.