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Your Inner Physician and You Author: John E. Upledger D.O.,O.M.M.

This lively book describes the discovery and therapeutic value of the craniosacral system in easy, understandable terms healthcare professionals and laypeople alike can understand.

Dr. Upledger’s colorful case histories explain the path that led to his discovery of this exciting medical modality. The book contains a play-by-play account of the development of CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, and other concepts and techniques.

Your Inner Physician and You is recommended reading for therapists, patients, caregivers, and anyone interested in understanding how therapy performed on the craniosacral system can improve the quality of life.

This book is required reading for the CranioSacral Therapy I workshop (CSI).(IAHP) 223 pages.

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